8 weeks tuition, 2 weeks coding, 3 awesome apps; the Makers graduate!

Q. What could you build in a 2-week project after only 8 weeks of web-development tuition?

A. “CrowdDJ”, Story Tree and Audiogasm.

These are the three apps, each created in under 2 weeks, by our student teams at Makers Academy.

The idea behind CrowdDJ, which is not yet live outside of Makers Academy, is to enable a user to create a playlist for a party or event, by searching for artists and selecting tracks, then share the playlist on Facebook.  During the event, the playlist can be played on CrowdDJ (which uses Rdio) and friends can add new tracks and vote existing tracks up in real time.

Story Tree is a social story telling app which enables a user to begin a story, share it on Facebook and invite friends to propose additions to the story, vote up the latest proposed additions and eventually branch off to create a new story.

Audiogasm aims to transform choosing live music from a text-based experience to an audio-based experience.  Users can enter a location, a date and a genre and Audiogasm will instantly* start playing tracks by artists of the given genre, who are playing live on the given date in the given location.  If you like what you hear, you can click a button to buy tickets!

*performance may vary; it’s only v0.1…

So, will we see our newly graduated makers again, now that they’ve built these awesome products?

Actually, yes, they were all back at Makers Academy today!  I guess you can’t help it once you’ve been bitten by the bug…


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